My brother lives in the States. He calls me about every month or so. He was telling me about the ground bees he had in his yard. He said he was pushing the lawnmower and saw a cloud come up out of the ground. It was bees! He said that they were going after the noise of the lawnmower, and that allowed him to escape unscathed. His mower did not have a working auto shutoff handle. If it did, the bees might have chased him. For our bug problems we go to, and we have had to call them out for an urgent situation.

My brother asked if we had any bug problems in Canada. He just sees where we live as being cold and inhospitable. Well, he is from the deep south, and he only visits during the holidays. Of course it is cold then. I told him about our bee problem we just dealt with about a month before. We had them in the walls and floors. You could hear the buzzing sound from the large hive at night when everything was quiet. Well, except for the bees of course. They were getting into the living space, and we found an exterminator at

They said we probably had one of the biggest hives they have seen in a house for a long time. It was partially outside and partially inside the walls on the south side of the house. They were going down the wall and getting into the floor spaces. It did not take much time for the hive to get to this size. They must be a hearty colony. A beekeeper extracted as many as he could using the lure of another queen. Then the exterminators cleared up the rest. We had to have a construction crew get into the walls and floor to remove the honeycombs and fix the damage.

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