I loved my time as a pilot and flying any time I got a chance to. There were not a lot of options for me in my home city, so I joined the military to get the training that I wanted so badly. Now, I’m retired but I miss it. I stumbled across an RC helicopter store last month and went in for the fun of it. I came out of there feeling some happiness in my heart again after buying something that has changed my life for the better.

Once per week, I would rush over to watch the planes that came in and out of the airstrip that my city shared with three other surrounding cities. We lived in a cluster of very small towns, and each little town teamed up in order to find a better way to bring supplies and such back in those days. There was a train that came through with a large amount of supplies, but many companies were not all that interested in coming into the area often because they felt there wasn’t enough business in the area. But many other people knew differently and the pilots in the area who has their own license made a killing off of teaming up with the local business owners to bring in so many things we needed. This is how my interest in flying began.

After I had a stroke 10 years ago, I had to give up my pilot’s license. It broke my heart and spirit. But rather than wallow in depression, I did the best I could to keep busy with rehab and getting better. I can now walk and talk again with no problem. I have a job again, but miss the career that brought me so much happiness. When I found that I could get an RC helicopter, I learned there’s a club in town with a lot of other people. And meeting up with them has been really good for my soul.

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