I can’t believe that my son is already a senior in high school, it is kind of amazing how time can seem to fly past you. When I was younger, it seemed like life moved at a much slower rate than it does now, but maybe that was an illusion. Anyway, my wife and I have decided we are going to help to make sure that this is a really great prom for him and we are looking at info for limousine rental for the moment, because I think it would be very special if he were able to take his prom date to the dance in a limo. I know it might be a bit pricey, but that is why I am going to search the web and try to find limo rental companies that have the best deals, and also the best reputation for good customer service.

I know my son is pretty excited about prom, and that is just natural. I was really nervous myself, but it was because I was going with his mother, who at the time, I did not feel like I really even deserved to take such a beautiful lady to the prom. But we ended up getting married and having children, and now my son is old enough that he is about to go the prom dance himself. So I guess that is just how life happens sometimes, but I still think that I got pretty lucky. I am not sure exactly what their plans are, but they plan on going to a restaurant before the prom dance, so they will need the limo transportation to the restaurant. Or well maybe, to cut costs, we could have the limo pick them up from the restaurant instead, maybe that is a better idea.

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