When my husband told me that he was going to become an independent contractor a few years after we were married, I was fully supportive of him. I had no idea that he was going to end up going overseas though. If I had known, I might have objected a lot then. Rather than get upset when he told me he was going overseas, I just rolled with the punches as usual. I knew that he was competent, but it still scared me because of where he was going. He asked me, “What is DBA insurance?” and I had to admit that I had no idea.

He didn’t know what it was either until his company explained that they were taking a DBA insurance policy out on him. Since he was going to a military base overseas, they were required to make sure that he had adequate insurance coverage. While that would scare most wives who are already worried about their husbands, it actually made me feel better once he explained exactly what it is to me. The company has to take it out for any of their contractors who are going to work on a military base outside of the United States of America.

This means that if he would have gotten hurt over there, he would have been able to be treated by any doctor that he chose. That freedom in choosing is the main reason that it made me feel better. He did tell me about the benefits that he would be able to have if he got hurt and was unable to resume work, but I had to stop him when he started telling me about the death benefits. Those were extremely hard months when he was gone, and he returned home not long ago, all in one piece. Now that he is back home, I can certainly appreciate that insurance a lot more than I did when he first told me about it. I am just glad that he did not have to use it!

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