I remember really caring about my appearance when I was very young. And it wasn’t really that much trouble to do at all. But then I got lazy. Then, age set in, and let’s face it – things start to change on your body when you get older. I figured that I better start caring about my appearance before it was too late. Nothing is looked past by me now. I even using bleaching cream for armpits at home now! I find that I enjoy changing aspects of my body to make them look better. It boosts my morale greatly.

As someone who was popular in school, and as someone who spends a lot of time around people back then, it was natural that I wanted to do all sorts of things to keep my appearance up. I wanted the latest hair colors, cosmetics, trendy haircuts, and nice-looking clothes. I think that most people would agree that a new outfit can do wonders for one’s mood. A new pair of shoes and a great looking outfit that you put on in the morning helps put a spring into your step as you walk into the office or school. Let’s face it, it is nice to receive compliments from other people when they have nice things to say about your appearance.

I had just let myself go for far too long. Add on to a bitter divorce, and I felt depressed for quite some time. This is why I paid no attention to my appearance for some time. But now I’m back in the dating world, and it’s important that I show respect for myself period and it’s always pleasing to someone that you’re dating when they see that you take care of yourself, too. I use a bleaching cream on my armpits because the skin there darkened over the years, but the cream has fixed that for me.

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