I had heard so much from people stating that it is not hard to get leads for your business. So many people said it that I believed them. How could it not be true? So, I did what I could to find these great leads so many talked about, and often, did not have luck. I wondered if they had not been telling the truth after all. I started to wonder if my business would be a failure because I could not do it. That’s when I started asking around and learned about Mass Tort Made Perfect and the big conference they hold that anyone can register and go to, in order to get generated leads without the failures that I brought on myself.

I really did not think it would be such a hard thing to do. I mean, millions of people around the country did it long before the Internet became popular in homes across the country. If they could do it without the Internet, why could I not do it? I can remember my father spending time buying mailers that he would send out to as many people as possible around our city in the hopes of getting people to fill the mailer out with their contact info, sticking it back in the mail, and then upon my father receiving the mailers back, he would have the info he needed about whether or not they were interested in future contact from him. I felt that I was failing at something my father was able to do.

I wondered if I should spend the money to buy mailers and send thousands out the old-fashioned way. I knew it would be hard work, though. It was when I went to the conference that I learned that I had been doing things all wrong. There is no need to spend big bucks for putting things in the mail, things are much easier than that. It was a good idea for me to learn what I was missing.

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