This is a rather complicated job, because you are working in a very rigorously clean environment to make sure that you do not contaminate the stuff that you are producing. The thing that they taught us first was about cleanroom cleaning, how it works. There are different standards. In some clean rooms they allow more ppm (parts per million) than they do in others. This is sort of an intermediate standard. It is not as clean as it could be, but of course there are some which are to a lower standard. Still you have to go in there clean and wearing a bunny suit which covers you from head to toe. That is uncomfortable, but when you are in the clean room there is a constant flow of what they call laminar flow air. It comes from the ceiling down to the floor. That really is a huge help for keeping you comfortable, although that has nothing to do with the purpose for which it exists.

The big thing is that you can not have any accidents. When you go into the plant they have you take a shower. Then you go into a dressing room where you get in the bunny suit. The only part of you that is not covered is your eyes, but I wear goggles some of the time. It is not so difficult for you to make the sort of mistake that can get you fired, but they are still training me. It is obvious that every little thing you do is being watched right now. They do not want people who are going to haphazard. When you do something, they want you to think about why you did it and make sure that you are not going to make even the slightest mistake in the process.

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