We have been saving our money to move closer to the water for a number of years now. We have a nice condo inland here in Singapore, but we have been looking at condo projects that are close to lakes or the ocean. You have to put your application in early if you want to get a condo in one of the new buildings being built on the island. Homes are a premium as Singapore only has so many square feet of land. We were excited to finally be calling a Singapore moving company after our application was approved to move into a skyscraper condo unit that overlooks the water.

Our new condo has a large patio that faces the water. My plan is to get up early every day and spend time outside just watching the sunrise with my wife. We like to enjoy a morning cup of coffee together before we have breakfast and head to work. We live a simple life, but we do like nice amenities in our home environment. The new condo projects have incredible swimming pools, gyms and a whole lot more. We were excited to be moving, but it is not something you want to attempt on your own.

Our new building we live in has service elevators for carrying furniture up to your floor. We are almost on the top floor of the new building. I do not mind carrying boxes and things to our new condo, but I definitely want to leave our furniture moving to the Singapore moving company we are contracting with. They have the tools to move anything from a sofa to a piano without worry of damage. The movers actually make the work look effortless. They have carts and other things with wheels to easily move the biggest piece of furniture.

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