I am a teacher and I have a carpet in my classroom. I think that it could get pretty gross at times, especially when it has been raining or snowing and my students bring their gross shoes inside. I also have a lot of people that use my classroom after school, for clubs and meetings so I end up having to clean up a lot after people use it, which is really a bummer because that is not my job. I had a huge problem with bed bug removal in my room last year because there were kids coming in with bugs, and we did not know. The issue was that since we had carpet in my room, we had to really try hard to bomb the room with a fogger and then try to get rid of them in the carpet. If I had hard wood floors or another kind of linoleum then it would not have been as bad.

We had to stay out of my room for about two weeks until we hired a professional to come in and they had to do the treatment a few times. We had to stay outside and we had to wait for them to finish, it was horrible. There were dead bodies everywhere and the smell from the treatment that they used to get rid of the bugs really was starting to get strong. I knew that I was going to have to work really hard on cleaning the room to get the smell out. The carpet had the smell of the strong fumes from the cleaners I used so someone told me to put down baking soda, as it would absorb the smell and I did and the smell started to go away. I was really happy to see it.

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