Mary and I have been thinking about building ourselves a little hobby farm for retirement. That is coming up and we are thinking about how much it would cost. The obvious thing is that we should move to a more rural area to get the land cheap. It would cost roughly a hundred thousand dollars to buy just five acres around here.That would render the idea impractical, but if you go out too far you run into issues like getting good internet. If you click here for internet in rural areas you can see what the choices are going to look like and it is not going to be all that awesome really. In fact you are going to have very few good choices. The thing you notice is that a lot of the time the only cheap option is going to be getting dial up internet service. In fact I have not had that in over fifteen years and it seems like it would be out of date in any place you went. However they just do not have the infrastructure out in the rural areas to support a great broadband service. You are not going to get the infrastructure unless the DSL providers can make enough money to make it worth their investment. You are not ever going to make a lot of money serving areas where every residence sits on the middle of a couple of hundred acres of land. In places around here you would see around five hundred homes sitting on the same land that a small farm requires. I am going to only need about 20 acres of land and that is going to be something that I am going to be able to afford in this sort of area, but I do not want to get too far from the kids and the grand kids.

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