I didn’t think I would find the best basketball shoes for flat feet online or anywhere for that matter. They’re hard to find. It’s also difficult to find shoes that fit wide feet or narrow arches. I have been cursed with flat feet and it’s been a hassle to find adequate footwear. There have been a few times where I’ve kept wearing worn out shoes just because it is difficult to find new ones. Probably the best thing that has happened for my feet is the internet. Now I can usually find something exotic that works, and usually at a decent price.

But basketball shoes for people with flat feet? I didn’t even think they would make those types of shoes, but I needed a pair because I’m getting older and decided to join a gym. They have a basketball court inside and I wanted to join a team and play a few times a week for the exercise. It’s fun and not boring like running on a treadmill or sitting around lifting weights all the time. But I just couldn’t imagine pounding up and down the court in a pair of sneakers that aren’t meant for such strenuous activity.

I went online and literally entered flat feet basketball shoes and immediately bumped into a site that ranks them for you. I’m surprised there are so many! It didn’t take more than thirty minutes to pick out a pair and follow a link to order them. When I got them I tried them on to make sure they fit and headed over to the gym. I got a ball and ran up and down the court taking shots and the shoes felt like a dream. No pain for my feet whatsoever and I ended up signing on to play on the team that day.

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