I knew that my husband and I were going to have to find scrap metal dealers in our area to deal with a lot of the junk that was in his parent’s barn. We had not looked in there in quite some time, so neither of us realized what pack rats they had become when it comes to scrap metal. I suppose they had good intentions with it, but then they just lost their desire to do anything with it. When they asked my husband and I if we would take care of it if we kept the profits from it, we jumped in to help them out.

We had no intention of keeping the profits, because they had worked long and hard to get that much scrap metal in the first place. His dad told us that they would take any that their neighbors had for the last several years. When you are talking about a large community of farmers, that ends up being a lot of scrap metal. To each individual farmer, it was not a lot. Collectively, it was quite a different story. Thankfully, his parents have a couple of older pickup trucks, so it would be no problem getting the scrap to the yard that would take all of it.

That is where I came in. I had to find the right yard because I knew that one yard may pay a few pennies more for certain metals. That might sound like small change, but considering the amount of metal we had, I knew that it could be a huge difference when all was said and done. I looked online and found a website that was able to help me with everything I needed. Because of this site, we found the best prices for the various metals. When we gave his parents the entire amount in cash, they were speechless, and quite happy too!

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